Delhi Public School is committed to shaping and honing student athletes, as well as providing them with a platform for displaying their growth, abilities and sportsmanship skills.


Sports Education forms an integral part of DPS Nadergul. Regarded as a top sports school in Hyderabad, it strongly believes that the health of young students is directly connected to academic success and quality of life.
At DPS Nadergul, along with encouraging students to achieve academic excellence, we embolden young minds to realize their true potential through advanced training routines under the exceptional guidance of certified coaches. Here students are ensured to get all the right exposure which is necessary for overall development. To enhance and build amazing physical, mental and tactical discipline, a varied range of indoor and outdoor games are introduced right from pre-primary levels.



Leadership is the vision of translating dreams into reality. A great leader foresees the future, strategically plans the future and builds it for generations. The visionary foresight of the Chairman of the school Shri M.Komaraiah and his commitment to the cause of sports has translated into state of the art facilities for students of the city and of Telangana state. The collaboration with sports giants like Mahender Singh Dhoni, former Indian Captain and Cricketer par excellence has seen a spurting growth of the progress of the school in not just sports facilities but also in terms of the best coaches in the country.


M.S.Dhoni Cricket Academy

The school has launched the M.S.Dhoni Cricket Academy Cricket Performance Centre in collaboration with the International Cricketer par excellence M.S.Dhoni. The academy has been opened for students for students from the age of seven upwards. The academy encourages budding talent of all ages. Coaches of international standards train students and hone their skills.


Our Sports Amenities